Call for Applications

National Call for Expressions of Interest for production, characterisation and therapeutic testing of preclinical models of human disease


Support for the production and phenotyping of preclinical models and their use for the development of new therapies is available. This opportunity is jointly funded by the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) through the Phenomics Translation Initiative (PTI) and the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) through Phenomics Australia (PA).

Support is available for:

  • Production of gene-edited mouse strains, somatic human and mouse cell lines carrying allele(s) identified in patient(s) and / or
  • Functional validation of alleles to prove causality to disease of interest (phenotyping of model) and / or
  • Preclinical testing of potential therapeutics to specifically target the pathogenic pathway

Support is intended to complement other funding. Applicants should outline the resources they have to move the project forward towards an outcome (i.e. other funding / support or publication).

Goals of the MRFF-Accelerated Research-Phenomics Translation Initiative (PTI) project

  1. Understanding which rare alleles contribute to disease.
  2. Defining how alleles lead to disease mechanisms.
  3. Development and testing of therapies that target the pathways affected by the alleles.
  4. Identifying novel diagnostics and better treatment options for patients with diseases that are currently chronic, debilitating and incurable.

This national partnership between Phenomics Australia and the Phenomics Translation Initiative offers the establishment of new experimental capability and expanded capacity for the accelerated discovery of disease-causing alleles and pathogenic mechanisms, the identification of therapeutic targets, and the development of new therapies and diagnostic assays.

Expressions of interest are invited to be submitted through an online application: Link to application,  


Eligibility and Selection Criteria:

Projects will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  1. Project proposals aligned with any stage of the Phenogenomics pipeline for the production and/or phenotyping of cell- (somatic human) or mouse-based models, with an emphasis on models for therapeutic testing;
  2. Projects must be focused on a human gene allele(s) highly likely to be causative in human disease;
  3. Technical feasibility. 

For more information on partners or for enquiries:

Phenomics Australia:


Assessment Process

The PTI management team will assess your applications as soon as we receive them, and endeavour to provide you with feedback within 14 business days. Please note that all applications will be assessed case by case, some contributions from the applicant researchers may be expected to support the production and services.