Mr Bob Buckley

Computational Genomics Specialist

Bob Buckley is a life-long computing and data-analyst who had his first foray into bioinformatics with supercomputing giant Cray in 2001. Bob wrote his first computer program in 1963, graduating with an international scholarship from the University of Queensland in 1978 and subsequently lectured at Warwick University in the heady 1980s when new computer architectures and languages appeared each week. He has worked extensively as a computing academic, consultant, team leader and technician, with decades of knowledge and experience spanning theory and practice. Much of his work has been about applying computing to support a diverse range of scientific research … from metallurgy and material science to psychology and sport science.

Bob has broad experience analysing and presenting data is diverse settings; for example, describing sleep patterns of Defence personnel for the Defence Remuneration Tribunal to training data for coaches of elite athletes at the Australian Institute of Sport. He is especially skilled at algorithm design and software engineering. He has played a crucial role in designing and implementing user interfaces for bioinformatics projects at the ABC.