Professor Jan Provis

Group Leader

Jan Provis is Professor of Anatomy in the ANU Medical School and leader of Theme 3: Vision for Life. She is Chair of Retina Australia’s Grants Assessment Committee, and member of the Scientific Advisory of the Ophthalmic Research Institute of Australia. She has authored more than 75 scientific articles, most of which are concerned with development of the human retina, and co-edited a major text on Macular Degeneration. Her most recent work has focussed on the genes that regulate development of human central retina. Her studies suggest that the specializations of the human retina for high acuity vision are established during fetal life, and make it vulnerable to age-related degenerations in later life. Jan’s body of work provides a broad perspective on how the macular / foveal part of the primate retina has evolved, how it develops, the molecular factors involved, the functional constraints, and why the macula is vulnerable to degeneration.

Research interests

Retinal development and degeneration, particularly in relation to the macula. Mechanisms of age-related macular degeneration, including the role of complement.