Dr Padmaja Tummala

MSc, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow

Padmaja Tummala completed PhD in 2009 at Osmania University in Biochemistry, where she focussed mainly on protein and protease purification and characterisation.

She spent the following years as a post-doctoral fellow at Eye research Institute,Oakland University, USA. There she combined her protein chemistry knowledge with Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) array data to identify novel genes in photoreceptor maturation in retina. 

Since 2010, Padmaja is working in John Curtin school of Medical Research, in various groups.

In Phil Board group Mainly working on Gluthione-S-Transferases(GSTs) GST-Mu, GST-Zeta, GST-Omega. In addition, she worked few years in Immunology department with Dr. Anne Bruestle, understand the role of Neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) in EAE, a mouse model for multiple Sclerosis(MS) and also targeting NETS as a therapeutic target for EAE/MS. 

Current projects:

  • Investigating the mechanism by which Glutathione transferase omega1-1 (GSTO-1) regulates Primary inflammatory responses.
  • Identify and test a variety of novel compounds that target GSTO1-1 and inhibit glutathione/deglutathionylation and inflammatory responses.
  • Role of GSTO-1 in inflammatory diseases like Colitis, sepsis, peritonitis, Gout and High fat Diet induced fatty liver and Diabetes.

Research interests

Protein chemistry, Immunology, drug discovery