Dr Natasha Vassileff

Postdoctoral Fellow

I am an early career postdoctoral researcher investigating neurodegenerative diseases and neuroinflammation. My PhD at La Trobe University focused on understanding how extracellular vesicles (EVs), small particles involved in intercellular communication, play a role in propagating neurodegenerative diseases through alterations in protein and miRNA cargo. Throughout my PhD studies, I successfully isolated EVs from human post-mortem brain tissue samples, serum samples, and cell culture supernatants. I became well versed in miRNA next generation sequencing and analysis, digital and RT-PCR, and proteomics analysis including identification of post-translational modifications. Furthermore, through animal studies characterizing the role EVs play in facilitating ALS, I was able to become proficient in working with animal models. I recently joined the Clear Vision Research Group at the Australian National University where I will continue researching the role of neuroinflammation in neurodegenerative diseases. I hope to identify protein post translational modifications induced through neuroinflammation and their effect on the pathogenesis and progression of neurodegeneration.

Research interests



Post-translational modifications


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