Dr Gilberto Paz Filho

Visiting Fellow

Gilberto Paz-Filho has been a Research Fellow at the Department of Translational Medicine, JCSMR since September 2009, after a 3-year period of postdoctoral studies at the University of Miami. During his medical residency in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology at the Federal University of Parana/Brazil, he underwent a Clinical Observership in Endocrinology at the Johns Hopkins University, USA. He was also a Visiting Scientist at the Cedars-Sinai Research Institute, Department of Endocrinology, UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles. He has obtained his MD degree in 2001 and his Master of Internal Medicine degree in 2006, both from the Federal University of Parana, Brazil. He is an Endocrinologist certified by the Brazilian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism (SBEM), being ranked in 1st place amongst more than 300 candidates taking the board examinations in 2005. He is a Member of the International Editorial Board of the Brazilian Archives of Endocrinology and Metabolism, the most important journal of Endocrinology in South America. He has received several honours and awards from SBEM, the Latin American Thyroid Society, The Endocrine Society (TES) and the International Society of Endocrinology. He is also recipient of TES International Scholars Award in 2006 and, more recently, the Gordon and Gretel Bootes Foundation Award in 2010 and the Alan and Elizabeth Finkel Prize in 2011.

As of 01/05/2012, Dr. Paz-Filho has published 41 papers/13 book chapters published/accepted/in press (first-author in 61%). Dr. Paz-Filho has been invited to speak at national and international conferences in the field of endocrinology, such as the 14th Brazilian Thyroid Meeting, Experimental Biology 2009, the 14th Latin American Thyroid Society Meeting, and the 2011 South Australian Endocrinology Clinical Meeting.

He was Instructor of Endocrinology at Federal University of Parana/Brazil, supervising fellows, residents and medical students in the Endocrinology outpatient clinic of the largest hospital in the state. At ANU, he has supervised a master’s student in a project involving adipose tissue transplantation in leptin-deficient mice. He is also co-convenor of Master of Translational Medicine (TM) and of the Graduate Certificate in TM programmes (and their related courses).