Associate Professor Simon Jiang

BMed, MMed(Hons), FRACP, PhD
Group Leader
Associate Professor

Simon completed his undergraduate medical training at the University of Newcastle and specialist training in Nephrology at The Canberra and Royal Prince Alfred Hospitals. He received his Masters in Medicine(Hons) from the University of Sydney and his PhD at the ANU as an NHMRC/RACP scholar investigating the role of genetic variation in systemic lupus erythematosus.

Simon's laboratory investigates the genetic and molecular mechanisms of systemic autoimmunity and kidney disease. He leads a national translational personalised medicine program centred at The Canberra Hospital and ANU which investigates complex autoimmunity by identifying potential pathogenic gene variants and demonstrating the molecular and immune consequence of these variants. In collaboration with the National Centre for Indigenous Genomics, he also uses this personalised medicine approach to investigate the unique genetic basis of kidney disease in Indigenous Australians.

Research interests

Simon’s research focuses on the genetic and molecular basis of autoimmunity and kidney disease, the integration of genomics and phenotyping in developing personalised medicine, and incorporation of artificial intelligence into personalised medicine approaches. His research has identified gene variants and cellular phenotypes driving autoimmune disease and uses the understanding of the molecular basis of individuals’ disease to treat complex autoimmunity. He has special interest in applying these processes into Indigenous health. As a nephrologist and founding chair of the Translational Glomerulonephritis and the Personalised Medicine Clinic at The Canberra Hospital he works across ANU and Canberra Hospital campuses in incorporating genetic and molecular understanding of disease into precision medicine. 

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