Prizes galore at genetics conference for JCSMR students!

6 July 2018

Left to right: Olga Zaytseva, Arjun Chahal, Leonie Quinn, Jason Ji, Nan-hee-Kim

Members of the Quinn Lab Cancer Models Groups attended the 2018 Genetics Society of Australasia Conference this week, sharing their research and results. And they did it brilliantly! Indeed, four PhD students from the group were awarded prizes for the quality of their talks and posters!

Olga Zaytseva received the Mayo Award for Oral Presentation by a PhD student for her talk "Psi interacts with the Mediator Complex to modulate transcription of MYC and regulate growth", while Arjun Chahal received the runner-up prize for his talk "From Servant to Master: the Ribosome's instructive role in hematopoietic cell fate determination".

Jason Ji received the Sidney James PhD Student Poster Prize for his poster "Understanding stem cell-niche interactions in the Drosophila germline", while Nan-hee Kim received the runner-up prize for her poster "Drosophila genetic models provide clues into the inexplicable tumour suppressor behaviour of FUBP1 in brain cancer".

Both prizes were generously sponsored by the Genetics Sociey of Australasia.

Well done and very well deserved, Olga, Arjun, Jason and Nan-hee!