NHMRC funds to boost medical research

20 October 2014

A new Centre for Research Excellence, the Centre for Personalised Immunology, will receive $2.5 million in funding, over five years from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). The centre is using gene sequencing technology to help fight immune system diseases.

“We have had early successes, but this large-scale funding is exhilarating. Now we can finally understand disease in individuals, this will make a huge difference to patients,” said Professor Carola Vinuesa, lead Chief Investigator on the Project and researcher from The John Curtin School of Medical Research. The Centre is a joint effort with Professor Matthew Cook, co-director of the Centre, and 8 other investigators from the ANU, Australia and overseas.

“This has been a collaborative effort 10 years in the making. This will cement the careers of a number of very bright young researchers.”

Pictured is professor Matt Cook and Professor Carola Vinuesa, co-directors of the Centre for Personalised Immunology.