New collaboration at JCSMR

20 June 2013

Biomedical optics is an exciting interdisciplinary area of study that merges the field of optical sciences with biological/medical research. The application of optical technologies to biological systems has led to a wide range of diagnostic methods and therapeutic applications in both research and clinical settings.

Dr Steve Lee, a biomedical optics researcher from the ANU Research School of Engineering will be working in collaboration with researchers in cancer, immunology and infectious diseases and the Microscopy and Cytometry Resource Facility at The John Curtin School of Medical Research to develop new minimally invasive imaging tools.  In the first of a number of projects, he and his students will design and build a video rate laser scanning two photon micro-endoscope imaging system that will be used to capture very fast live events that occur at a cellular level within a living animal. Dr Lee will also continue with investigating other areas in light-tissue interactions (e.g. laser surgery, tissue optical clearing).