Nanopore sequencing at the BRF - run your MinION here

MinION runs at the BRF BRF Minion
30 June 2020

Nanopore sequencing at the BRF

As we wait for the PromethION, the highest-throughput sequencer from Nanopore technologies (ONT), we want the JCSMR community to have early access to this great technology. For this, we have installed a brand new computer to be exclusively run with the MinION, the tiny pocket sequencer that can get you about 15Gb worth of bases per sequencing run.

The computer has all necessary software installed (including MinKnow and Guppy), decent storage capacity (2TB SSDs) and a video card compatible with faster analysis methods. You can either borrow our MinION or bring your own.

Accessing the Minion computer will be similar to accessing any other piece of equipment of the shared lab. In short:

  • Please be sure you have been inducted to the lab and trained for this piece equipment, otherwise, email us to
  • Make a booking for the duration of your sequencing run and analysis (if applicable). Bookings can be made from

And please bear in mind:

  • We do not stock supplies at present, but we can assist you with the ordering of ONT products. 
  • When ready to run your library, bring your own pipettes and consumables.
  • Take your waste with you.
  • Copy your data either to a hard drive or other external storage.
  • Remove data from the computer once your procedure is complete. Old data will be deleted regularly.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you need help. Happy Nanopore sequencing!