JCSMR participates in Indiana University’s inaugural Translational Research and Entrepreneurship Course

24 July 2013

Dr Ed Bertram, Ms Candice Lee and Mr Mayank Khanna participated in a new course at IUPUI in Indianapolis. This course was conceived by Dr Mark Payne MD, a Pediatric Cardiologist, who is currently working on translating his research into a new treatment for Friedreich’s ataxia, Dr Joe Trebley, PhD, Head of Start Up and Promotion at IUTRC, and Matt Rubin, MBA, IURTC’s Assistant Director of Technology Commercialization.

The course was organized and led by Dr Joe Trebley PhD, who said, “This course unveils the pathways that every translational scientist needs to know when taking a discovery to the market.”

“One of the many strengths of this course was access to researchers in companies at different stages of the commercialization process and hearing their insight into the pitfalls to avoid and the key things that you have to do to move forward.” said Mayank, a PhD student at JCSMR.

“This is a really unique course and I expect ANU will continue to be involved as it develops and expands. All researchers would benefit greatly from understanding the steps to take forward research into a commercial setting,” said Dr Bertram.

Pictured are left to right: Candice Lee, Dr Joe Trebley, Mayank Khanna, Dr Mark Payne and Dr Ed Bertram.