Inaugural School of Personalised Immunology educates Clinicians on Genomic Medicine

12 May 2015

The inaugural School of Personalised Immunology was held at JCSMR on the 2-3 May 2015. Convened by Associate Professor David Fulcher the School had 70 attendees including Clinicians, GPs and medical students from hospitals and research institutes in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Hong Kong. The day and a half program covered the latest technologies in phenotyping and genomic medicine for understanding and treating immune diseases. The program covered basic genomics and methodologies, bioinformatics, research models of disease, ethics and translational science.

Our international guest speaker, Professor Nan Shen, Professor of Medicine and Director of Shanghai Institute of Rheumatology, Ren Ji Hospital Shanghai Jiao Tong University, School of Medicine presented his extensive research on the role of interferon-gamma in lupus.

Among many highlights was Dr Julia Ellyard’s presentation on how she and her team were able to identify the genetic cause of lupus in a specific individual and subsequently determine a pathway for effective treatment.

The program run by the Centre for Personalised Immunology emphasised the various disciplines involved and the challenges facing genomic medicine. With special thanks to the Australian Phenomics Facility for their support.

Pictured are: Matt Cook, Nan Shen, Carola Vinuesa, Ed Bertram and Anselm Enders