Curtin Medal for Excellence in Medical Research awarded to Professor Doug Hilton

29 June 2016

Congratulations to Professor Doug Hilton, Director of the Walter and Eliza Hall Insititue, Melbourne, who has been awarded The Curtin Medal for Excellence in Medical Research at JCSMR this week.

Professor Hilton has had a long standing association wiith JCSMR, first coming here as an undergraduate. He undertook a Summer Vacation project in the laboratory headed by Professor Ian Young, where he first began to investigate the properties of blood cells. The Medal was presented to Professor Hilton in recognition of his outstanding contributions to medical research in the field of immunology, and his advocacy for gender equity in science.

The Curtin Medal is awarded annually to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to medical science and is an Australian citizen, or an Australian resident, or a person whose work has a significant Australian relevance. The Award may be made for either a major discovery or for a lifetime's achievement in medical research.