Associate Professor Elizabeth Gardiner awarded funding by National Blood Authority

4 September 2017

Associate Professor Elizabeth Gardiner, Leader of The Gardiner Group - Mechanisms of Thrombosis and Cancer at JCSMR, has been awarded $105,412 by the National Blood Authority to develop Improved strategies in management of immune thrombocytopenia.

Project Overview:

The appropriate clinical use of blood and blood products is critical to optimise patient outcomes and to manage the use of a limited resource. Immunoglobulin usage occurs across a spectrum of diseases and while the benefits and utility of intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIg) in managed clinical care is clear, guidelines around the usage of IVIg in ITP are vague and often rely on personal local experience. This project aims to provide scientific approaches to define subpopulations of people with ITP who do better with IVIg and others who do not receive any benefit of IVIg. Our study will define a new set of parameters that allow stratification of ITP patients at disease onset, and refinement of IVIg usage, thus paving the way for a large study prospectively evaluating a stratified usage of IVIg based on disease etiology at onset of ITP.