The Second Canberra MS Symposium: Improving health for people with MS

Welcome to the second Canberra MS Symposium hosted by JCSMR and NCEPH at ANU.

After last year’s very well received MS Symposium we decided to organise a second Symposium to bring together researchers, people with MS and people with an interest in MS, to work together to better understand this disorder. In collaboration with Vanessa Fanning, Anne-Sophie Dielen and Alicia Wilson we have put together a totally different program. This year we focus on improving the lives of people living with MS.
We have again been able to secure an exciting line up of Canberra-based as well as non-Canberra based researchers addressing this important topic.

Included in this symposium is the first workshop of the ANU Grand Challenge winner 2017 “Our Health in Our Hands”. This big picture, cross disciplinary research project aims to advance personalised healthcare by accessing actionable individual data and measures of disease progression, to inform diagnosis and prognosis, enhance patient involvement in clinical decisions, and improve diagnostic tools. MS is one of two diseases the Grand Challenge team will focus on. In this workshop, one session will be devoted to discussing the challenges and opportunities of continuous disease monitoring. We believe including ideas and feedback from people with MS at this early stage of the project is most valuable to optimise the outcomes.

The fundamental MS research in Canberra is underway at The John Curtin School of Medical Research (JCSMR). As happened last year, we will offer tours through the laboratories of scientists involved in MS research to give participants in the Symposium greater insight into how we work at JCSMR. This year the tours will be held before and after the Symposium talks. Please sign up for these tours ahead of time via the following e-mail:

The MS Symposium will be held in the Common Room at University House. Parking is available behind University House and a shuttle will be organized to and from JCSMR for people attending the laboratory tours.
To allow for the catering and the amount of parking needed, please sign up for this event using this link.

This Symposium would not be possible without financial support from MS Research Australia, MS Limited as well as a significant donation from Maddocks – Premium legal service.

We hope you enjoy the Symposium and we can continue building a network between researchers, patients, carers and the interested public.

Dr Anne Bruestle and Professor Robyn Lucas