Professor Jean Yang - University of Sydney

How data can help fight disease.


Hosted by: Professor Eduardo Eyras



With the advancement of many high-throughput biotechnologies, a research interest of many scientists has been to utilize multiple data sources to gain further insights into biology and deeper understanding of complex diseases. Data integration not only enables scientists to address and ask very specific questions, it also allows them to explore and understand the complex relationships among different phenotypes. In this talk, we will explore the complex data structures that have emerged in the sub-fields of nutriomics and single-cell multi-omics to examine how some data-discovery approaches can help uncover hidden patterns and insights in these data structures. We will discuss how recent statistical and computational advances can uncover cohort heterogeneity to extract valuable information leading to improve prediction of disease phenotype or outcomes.



Professor Yang is a leader in statistical bioinformatics who works in cutting-edge biomedical research. She is currently the Director of the Sydney Precision Data Science. She was awarded the Moran Medal in recognition of her work on developing methods for molecular data arising in cutting-edge biomedical research. Her research has led to advances in the integration of multi-layered biological data integration by removing extraneous variability and accounting for heterogeneity. As a statistical data scientist, she enjoys developing novel methods with translational potential in a collaborative environment, working closely with investigators from diverse backgrounds.