Genetics in Medicine - The Science, Application and Issues

Join us for an exciting public forum addressing “Genetics in Medicine – The Science, Application and Issues”. The forum will involve comment from a range of eminent speakers on the subject, followed by audience and panel discussion.
Speakers for the event are:
  • Professor Matthew Cook, The Centre for Personalised Immunology, JCSMR
  • Dr Nathalie Dehorter, Leader, The Dehorter Group - Neuronal   Development, JCSMR
  • Dr Julia Ellyard, Judith Whitworth Fellow, The Vinuesa Group -   Humoral Immunity & Autoimmunity, JCSMR
  • Dr Amee George, Manager, Target and Drug Discovery   Platform, The ACRF Biomolecular Resource Facility, JCSMR
  • Dr Gaétan Burgio, Leader, The Burgio Group - Genome Editing   and Genetics of Host-Pathogens Interactions, JCSMR
  • Dr Bobby Cerini, Acting Deputy Director Questacon, General   Manager – Science and Learning

Tickets are $10 each ($5 for children under 13). This is a Rotary fund raiser to assist an outstanding ACT science student who has been selected to attend the London International Youth Science Forum in July. All ticket and donation money will be used to assist the student to attend the London Forum.