Functional High Throughput Technologies Australia Meeting 2018

24–25 October 2018

This year's meeting will bring together experts from all around Australia and beyond. We will offer introductory workshops on all major high-­throughput technologies that are currently established or emerging in Australia including  CRISPR, RNAi, compound and 3D screening, coupled with High Content  Analysis and Flow Cytometry-based screening. These areas will be complemented by plenary talks by our invited speakers, and more opportunities for Australasian early-career researchers (such as PhD students and Postdocs) to present their research.

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24 October 2018
Time Session
8.50 am
Conference Welcome
9.00 am
Introduction to High Content Screening: from Imaging to Analysis
9.45 am
Keynote #1 - High-Content Phenotypic Screens: From Live Cells to Machine Learning
10.20 am
Morning tea
10.50 am
Keynote #2 - Machine Learning in Phenotypic Pre-Screening, Recognition and Classification of Bacteria
11.35 am
Short talks #1
12.35 pm
01.35 pm
Keynote #3 - Dynamic 3D Imaging of Patient-Derived Tumour Organoids for Drug Screening Applications
02.10 pm
High-Content Screening in Human Cardiac Organoids Identifies Key proliferative Pathways Without Functional Side-Effects
02.45 pm
Afternoon tea
03.15 pm
Short talks #2
05.00 pm
Networking cocktail function
25 October 2018
Time Session
8.55 am
Conference messages
9.00 am
Synthetic CRISPRs: Novel Approaches to Study Gene Function
9.35 am
Keynote #4 - Unravelling Biology and Identifying Targets with Functional Genomics Approaches Supported by LentiArray CRISPR Library Screens
Dr Jonathan Chestnut
10.10 am
Morning tea
10.40 am
Keynote #5 - Powering the Synthetic Biology Revolution
Dr Reed Hickey
11.15 am
Short talks #3
12.15 pm
01.15 pm
Image analysis workshop
03.25 pm
Keynote #6 - The Promise of siRNA Therapeutics
Dr David Evans
04.00 pm
Intelligent Image-Activated Cell Sorting
Dr Nao Nitta
04.20 pm
Keynote #7 - Utilisation of High Throughput Cytometers to Expand Screening Capabilities
02.55 pm
Afternoon tea
04.55 pm
Conference wrap up and close



The John Curtin School of Medical Research, Building 131 Garran Road, The Australian National University

Dr Amee George
+61 2 6125 3086