Targeting Eph receptor and ADAM metalloprotease function in cancer

Dr Peter Janes, Monash University, Melbourne, VIC

Dr Janes works on fundamental systems present at the surface of all cells, but particularly cancerous cells that are responsible for regulated release of chemokines (e.g. IL-6) growth factors (e.g. EGF and EGF-receptor ligands) cytokines (TNFa) and adhesion molecules (L-selectin, ICAMs, cadherins, JAMs).

Peter focusses on Eph receptor/Ephrins systems which control  changes in cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions, in cell morphology and in cell migration and invasion, in a manner which appears to be tightly regulated by, and co-ordinated with Eph signalling. This system is important across biology, but is critical in metastatic cancer. Peter has published this work in Cell, JEM, PNAS and Cancer Res amongst others.