2nd Regensburg - Canberra Symposium on RNP Biology

14–15 February 2019

The Second Regensburg - Canberra Symposium on RNP Biology will foster collaborative interactions bewteen RNA researchers from both locations and help to form the basis of a joint international PhD student program.

All interested are welcome to attend.


14 February 2019
Time Session
03.00 pm
Welcome and Opening remarks
Professor Simon Foote
03.30 pm
Session #1 - Lonely, single-stranded DNA seeks partner RNA
Tamas Fischer
Session #1 - Charting the unfolded protein response: a multi-omics analysis reveals the role of altered translation in chemoresistance
Jan Medenbach
Session #1 - Investigating the mechanism of piRNA precursor selection
Rippei Hayashi
Session #1 - Gene regulation mediated by small RNAs, RNA binding proteins and RNA modifications
Gunter Meister
04.50 pm
05.30 pm
Session #2 - Harnessing Class 2 Type VI CRISPR effectors for transcriptome engineering
Gaetan Burgio
Session #2 - A single-molecule view of the RNA world
Dina Grohmann
Session #2 - The structure and activity of the mRNA decapping complex inside and outside of cytoplasmic processing bodies
Remco Sprangers
15 February 2019
Time Session
09.00 am
Session #3 - Histone variants: linking chromatin structure
David Tremethick
Session #3 - Structural basis of RNA polymerase I transcription
Christoph Engel
Session #3 - Developing drugs targeting ribosomal RNA biogenesis and nucleolar stress to treat disease
Ross Hannan
10.00 am
10.40 am
Session #4 - Plant microRNAs
Tony Millar
Session #4 - Translational regulation controlling early embryogenesis in plants
Thomas Dresselhaus
Session #4 - To bind RNA or DNA? The multifaceted functions of DNA/RNA binding proteins in stem cell fate, development and disease
Leonie Quinn
Session #4 - Biochemical validation of presumed complex formation between RNA and metabolic enzymes
Reinhard Sterner
12.00 pm
01.00 pm
Session #5 - Long-read transcriptomics - beyond model organisms
Eduardo Eyras
Session #5 - Transcriptional regulation programs control developmental patterning and neural fate decision
Jean Wen
Session #5 - Long noncoding RNAs in tissue homeostasis and disease
Markus Kretz
Session #5 - Insights into the biogenesis and potential functions of exonic circular RNA
Thomas Preiss
02.20 pm
Symposium wrap up

Seminar Rooms 1 & 2, The John Curtin School of Medical Research, Building 131, Garran Road, The Australian National University


Ms Kristen Hayes-Charlton