The JCSMR Gender Equity Award

The John Curtin School of Medical Research has established a Gender Equity Award to assist researchers experiencing extended career disruption as the result of the birth of a child, or the primary care of a child, as defined by the ANU Award for Parental Leave.

The Award will consist of up to $20,000 per annum (to be awarded biannually, as two Awards of up to $10,000 each) and is for the purpose of supporting the Awardee’s career progression, as each Awardee sees fit. This JCSMR Award was established in 2015 through the generosity of Professor Carola Vinuesa and will continue in subsequent years with the support of The John Curtin Medical Research Foundation and Mr Richard Miller, as funding permits.

Conditions of Award

  1. The JCSMR Gender Equity Award is intended to support career progression of early to mid-career scientists at The John Curtin School of Medical Research, ANU, who hold a PhD, MD or equivalent, and are currently eligible for employment at level A-C, who are returning to the workplace following career disruption resulting from the birth of a child, or the primary care of a child, as defined by the ANU Award for Parental Leave.
  2. Applications for the JCSMR Gender Equity Award will be called twice a year, with closing dates 30 April and 30 October, through the Gender Equity Committee, JCSMR. When an award is made in the first round of any given year, a second round may not be called if funding does not permit. Applications will be accepted from all medical research personnel employed at JCSMR who fulfil the criteria.
  3. The Selection Committee will comprise the Director of The John Curtin School of Medical Research (or their nominee) (Chair), one member of the JCSMR Executive Committee, the Chair of the JCSMR Gender Equity Committee (or their nominee), and one ordinary member of the JCSMR Gender Equity Committee. The Committee must include at least two female members. The Award requires the support of three committee members.
  4. The Award is intended to support the awardees career maintenance or return to work. The funds may not be used to cover direct research costs.
  5. The Award shall be presented to a researcher who
  6. is undertaking a program of research at JCSMR
  7. is expecting the arrival of a child within the next 6 months and will, therefore, be applying for Parental Leave as defined by the ANU Award, and/or
  8. is currently on Parental Leave as defined by the ANU Award
  9. within the last 9 months, has applied for, or has returned from a period of significant career disruption (generally at least 12 weeks) brought about by primary parenting responsibilities as defined by the ANU Award for Parental Leave
  10. has demonstrated a need for support to ensure continued career progression
  11. holds a current academic appointment, Level A-C, and intends to return to a career in research.
  12. Applicants must complete and submit the form on the JCSMR website.
  13. This form must include a brief CV of no more than 2 pages, and a plan outlining the intended use of the funds, the intended period of leave, and the expected date of return to work. Applications must also include a statement of support from the applicant's Group Lead, HoD, or the Director, JCSMR.
  14. Where funding is not available for all applicants, the Award will be given to those judged by the selection committee to have the strongest scientific track record with regard to opportunity and will take into account demonstrated need and potential for career development.
  15. The Awardee will be asked to participate, if required, in any publicity associated with the award, including a submission to the Curtin Raiser upon return to work.
  16. Multiple awards may be made in each calendar year if funding permits.
  17. Prior awardees may not be nominated in subsequent years, except when related to another child.
  18. If in any Award round, in the opinion of the Selection Committee, no eligible nominee meets the requirements, the Award shall not be made in that round.

Download application form

Application form (PDF 80KB)


Ms Nora Jain