‘RodSim’ comprises a set of Matlab routines for solving the differential equations of phototransduction given in our paper: Nikonov, S., Lamb, T.D. & Pugh, E.N. Jr. (2000).  The role of steady phosphodiesterase activity in the kinetics and sensitivity of the light-adapted salamander rod photoresponse. Journal of General Physiology 116, 795-824


The routines are provided on the understanding that their use will be acknowledged, by citation of ‘RodSim’ and the paper above. Requirements:  MatLab (The MathWorks, Inc.) version 5.2, 5.3 or 6.0.  Display of 800 × 600 or higher.  RodSim was developed under Windows, and has been tested briefly on a Mac.


 RodSim Release (ZIP, 218.28 kB)


Extract the files to a directory such as ‘C:\RodSim’, and then ensure that this directory is pathed within Matlab.


Start Matlab, and give the command ‘RodSim’. Figure 14:  To re-create Figure 14 from the paper, start Matlab, and give the command ‘Fig_14’.  This runs RodSim offline, using the parameters for all the traces in Fig. 14, and then plots the individual panels.

Brief description

A brief description of RodSim is provided in the Help file (TXT 4.17 KB)

Differential equations

The full set of differential equations is given in the Appendices of our paper. Enquiries:  Please address any enquiries to Trevor Lamb.  Web page.

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