Animal imaging

Small animal imaging

Optical bioluminescent/fluorescence and micro CT

The IVIS Spectrum allows real-time, non-invasive imaging of bioluminescent or fluorescent cells and proteins within a living animal. It can also be used to image tissue samples, multiwell plates, and culture dishes.

The Quantum micro CT is suitable for both in vivo and ex vivo computed tomography X-ray imaging.  This instrument combines fast imaging for high throughput, while maintaining low dose and high quality images for live animal imaging. The X-ray dose is low enough for the multiple imaging sessions required for longitudinal preclinical studies.

A mouse imaging shuttle is available to transfer mice from the IVIS Spectrum to the Quantum FX for imaging and co-registration. The optical and CT data sets can be co-registered in 3D.

IVIS Spectrum in vivo imaging system

  • Bioluminescence and fluorescence
  • 2 D and 3D modalities
  • Up to 5 animals in one scan
  • Filters: blue to NIR wavelength region.
  • 10 narrow band excitation filters: 415 nm -760 nm (30 nm bandwidth)
  • 18 narrow band emission filters: 490 nm -850 nm (20 nm bandwidth)
  • High sensitivity cooled CCD camera

Quantum FX in vivo micro CT

  • Low dose
  • Fast scan 17 seconds
  • Suitable for preclinical studies
  • Resolution to 10 micron
  • 360O rotating gantry

Intra-vital imaging

The facility has 2 multi-photon systems suitable for intra-vital imaging:

Olympus FVMPE-RS multi-photon microscope

  • Spectra Physics DeepSee Insight laser dual ouput  700 – 1300nm tunable and 1040nm fixed
  • 25x objective lens: water immersion, 1.05 NA, WD 2mm, correction collar 1-0.23, transmission 400 – 1600nm
  • 5x objective lens: M Plan Achromat, 0.1 NA, WD 20 mm
  • Prior motorised stage
  • Galvo and resonant scanner
  • Fast scanning 438 f/s at 512 x 32 pixels and 30 f/s at 512 x 512
  • 2 GaAsP non descanned detectors
  • 2 PMTs
  • Heating pads for mouse and rat

Multiphoton high speed polygon system

A custom built system incorporating a polygon scanner and endoscopy imaging capability.

  • Frame rate 40 – 60 f/s at 512 X 512, 320 – 480 f/s at 512 X 64
  • Microendoscope lens 40x NA 0.8
  • Laser 690-920nm

See BioOptics Imaging Lab for further information

Light Sheet Imaging

Coming soon BioOptics Imaging Lab

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