Past events

3.30–4.30pm 3 June 2016
THE ECCLES INSTITUTE OF NEUROSCIENCE SEMINAR SERIES  FRIDAY 3rd June @ 3:30pm   Michael Lawrence Castanares The Daria Group, Eccles Institute of Neuroscience, JCSMR, ANU        
12–1pm 3 June 2016
Can studying immunology help us make better malaria vaccines? Associate Professor Ian Cockburn, Department of Immunology and Infectious Disease, JCSMR, ANU
5.30–6.15pm 30 May 2016
Professor Mike Kyrios, Director, The Research School of Psychology, ANU The recent fifth edition of the American Psychiatric Associations Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders  (APA, 2013) highlighted...
12–1pm 25 May 2016
Professor Geoff McFadden, School of Biosciences, Universty of Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC Geoff McFadden took a BSc (Hons) and PhD at the University of Melbourne.  He made two research trips to Antarctica, worked for three-...
3.30–4.30pm 20 May 2016
THE ECCLES INSTITUTE OF NEUROSCIENCE SEMINAR SERIES  FRIDAY 20th May @ 3:30pm   Dr Vini Gautam, The Daria Group, Eccles Institute of Neuroscience, JCSMR, ANU    
9.30–10.30am 20 May 2016
Dr Tetsuo Oikawa, JEOL application specialist Featuring the unique combination of high resolution electron optics and patented in-column energy filter, JEOL TEM have taken imaging of biological samples at ambient and Cryo...
10am 19 May 2016
University of Queensland Public Letcure Friday 20 May, 5pm Professor Ross Hannan, Centenary Chair of Cancer Research and Head, Department of Cancer Biology and Therapuetics, JCSMR, ANU Cancer is the number one cause of...
3.30–4.30am 19 May 2016
Genomic Sciences and Pathology in Silico Associate Professor Brett Lidbury, Dpeartment of Genome Sciences, JCSMR   Seminar to be followed by drinks in the JCSMR  tea room.
12–1pm 13 May 2016
Associate Professor Anne K Voss, Division of Cancer and Development, The Walter and Eliza Hall Insititue for Medical Research, Melbourne, VIC Anne K. Voss completed her doctoral degree in Hannover, Germany. After post-...
12–1pm 11 May 2016
Dr Farzaneh Kordbacheh, The Parish Group - Cancer & Vascular Biology, Department of Immunology and Infectious Disease, JCSMR
3.30–4.30pm 6 May 2016
Ehsan Sabri The Arabzadeh Group, Eccles Institute of Neuroscience, JCSMR, ANU and Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences, Tehran, Iran Ehsan Sabri is a PhD candidate at the Institute for Research in Fundamental...
12–1pm 4 May 2016
Mr Hao Yang, Department of Immunology and Infectious Disease, JCSMR, ANU
12–1pm 29 April 2016
Professor Terri Beaty, Faculty Directory, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA  
3.30–4.30pm 22 April 2016
Professor Arthur Georges, Institute for Applied Ecology, University of Canberra  Advancing knowledge using nextgen technologies has always involved a tussle between coming up with questions of substance, having the...
3.30–4.30pm 15 April 2016
THE ECCLES INSTITUTE OF NEUROSCIENCE SEMINAR SERIES  FRIDAY 15th April @ 3:30pm   “A TRPC channel complex may provide a mechanism for calcium influx in a subpopulation of thymocytes”   Deborah...
3.30–4.30pm 15 April 2016
Associate Professor Charles Lineweaver, Planetary Science Institute, Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics, ANU   We have proposed a new atavistic model of oncogenesis (Davies & Lineweaver 2011, Lineweaver et...
12–1pm 8 April 2016
Dr Patrick Stayton Director, Molecular Engineering & Sciences Institute, Department of Bioengineering, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA Biologic drug therapies based on proteins, RNA, DNA and engineered cells...
2–3pm 7 April 2016
Department of Cancer Biology and Therapeutics: Special Seminar  Associate Professor Kaylene Simpson Head, Victorian Centre for Functional Genomics, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Professor Tom Gonda School of...
12–1pm 1 April 2016
Dr Simon Hunt, FHEA - Emeritus Lecturer in Immunology, Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, Oxford University, UK The dynamics of calcium signalling within recently-triggered B or T lymphocytes is best measured by video-...


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