TIC Seminar - Integrated Expression Profiles of mRNA and miRNA in Cell Differentiation and Function

Zhi-Ping Feng, ANU Bioinformatics Consultancy

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a set of regulatory RNAs that can inhibit gene expression by binding to a specific location on mRNA, preventing the molecule from being translated. Growing evidence shows that miRNAs exhibit a variety of crucial regulatory functions related to cell growth, development, and differentiation, therefore, they are associated with a wide variety of human diseases. Despite a library full of literature on miRNA biology, core issues relating to miRNA target detection, biological effect, and mode of action remain controversial and understanding the contribution of specific miRNA-target interactions to the regulation of biological processes in vivo remains challenging. A miRNA can bind to hundreds of sites across the transcriptome and an mRNA can be regulated by many miRNAs, resulting in a complex regulatory network and intertwined relationship. In this talk, I will present an integrative analysis of the whole transcriptome and its regulatory miRNA networks based on bone marrow and bone marrow derived macrophage measured by microarrays. I will firstly show differential expression analysis for both mRNA and miRNA data, gene set enrichment or pathway analysis, and then association of miRNAs with their potential targets in networks with a focus on Bioinformatics methods, workflow and available tools.

Bioinformatic and Statistics Drop-In Session

Attended by bioinformaticians from ANU Bioinformatics Consultancy (ABC) and Terry Neeman from ANU Statistical Consulting Unit (SCU)

Location: Room 2.037, JCSMR (#131)
Date and Time: This Friday 2.30pm to 3.30pm
Hosting School: JCSMR
Please call x51282 from the JCSMR foyer if your card doesn't open the front door

Date & time

3.30–4.30pm 31 March 2017


Seminar Room 2, Level 3, The John Curtin SChool of Medical Research, Building 131 Garran Road, ANU


 Marcin Adamski

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