JCSMR School Seminar Series: Directions in micro-tomography - a review of the ANU capability

Professor Tim Senden, Head of the Dept of Applied Mathematics and Deputy Director for Technology Development in the Research School of Physics and Engineering, ANU.

Over the past decade the ANU has developed a strength in a spectrum of micro-CT science; from instrument design, advanced 3D analysis and visualisation, through to the applications the physics of materials, geology and biology. This review will cover a description of the technique and illustrate the local approach to incorporate computer simulation and analysis to enable a quantitative understanding of material properties in 3D.  Like many forms of microscopy available on campus, micro-tomography has readily found application in the life and physical sciences. Consequently, several methodologies have been developed specifically for ANU researchers to enable studies with biological tissue, as well as conventional hard materials such as rock, bone and wood.  A number of research highlights will be selected from collaborations across the ANU campus and include comparative anatomical and histological studies, tissue scaffolds, composite and geological materials.  Drishti, the open-source visualisation suite developed Dr Ajay Limaye (NCI) will be featured using animations and colour 3D printing.

This seminar aims to highlight the advances in the instrumentation, computational and visualisation tools which places the ANU in an unique position to develop a Nationally-focussed centre for tomographic analysis.

Professor Tim Senden is the Head of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Deputy Director for Technology Development in the Research School of Physics and Engineering. He is a graduate of the ANU, completing his BSc(Hons) in Physical Chemistry in 1989 at RSC, and subsequently his PhD in Atomic Force Microscopy in 1993 at RSPE.  He held positions at the College de France (Paris), Institute Charles Sadron (Strasbourg), and UNSW (ADFA) before returning the Department of Applied Mathematics in 1997. With a background in experimental surface science he teaches undergraduate chemistry and researches surface phenomena at the nanometre scale covering topics including the stretching of single polymer chains, mechanical deformations in biological membranes, ceramics processing and nanoparticles. Over the past decade he has branched into X-ray micro-Tomography studying porous and granular materials, oil recovery, wood composites, paper and one of his life passions, Palaeontology. He has been part of a team developing novel uses of radioactive nano-particles to aid medical diagnosis with commercial partner, Sirtex. Over the past 3 years he been involved with spinning-out the company, Lithicon Pty Ltd, which engages the Oil and Gas Industry globally.  

Date & time

12–1pm 14 June 2013


The Finkel Lecture Theatre, The John Curtin School of Medical Research, Building 131, Garran Road, ANU


 Laura Vitler, Host: Chris Parish
 02 6125 2589

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