The Australian Human Right Commission - RightsTalk: Genomics and Indigenous peoples

Invitation to RightsTalk on Genomics and Indigenous Peoples 

Professor Simon Easteal

How can the study of genomes help close the gap and achieve health equality?

The science of genomics is at the heart of extraordinary new discoveries and technologies that are transforming medical practice. Genomics enables information about a person's DNA to be used for diagnosis and the treatment of disease. For this to happen, however, a person's genome must be examined along with the genomes of many other people. At the moment we know a lot about the genomes of people of European ancestry, but much less about the genomes of people from other parts of the world, and almost nothing at all about the genomes of Indigenous Australians.

Without this knowledge, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples will be excluded from many of the benefits that flow from human genomics research. Rather than helping to close the health gap, these developments in medical science may actually cause it to open up even further.  

The National Centre for Indigenous Genomics (NCIG), led by an Indigenous-majority Governance Board, is working with Indigenous communities to create a database of genome sequences that will ensure that as medical science advances, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are not left behind. NCIG is creating the framework needed to ensure that Indigenous Australians are included, in ways that they decide, in the health, economic, educational and social benefits of advances in genome science.

In this special Rights Talk, Professor Simon Easteal, Director of the National Centre for Indigenous Genomics, will discuss this extraordinary project and his commitment to ensuring that Indigenous Australians are included in the health and other benefits of genomic science.



Date: Monday, 20 June 2016

Location: Australian Human Rights Commission Level 3, 175 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000

Time: 12:15pm arrival for 12:30pm event. Finishing at 1:30 pm.



Date & time

12.30–1.30pm 20 June 2016


Australian Human Rights Commission Level 3, 175 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000

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