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Cancer Metabolism & Genetics

Dr Anneke Blackburn has been awarded the 2014 John James Foundation Tony Ayers Prize. This prize has been established by the John James Foundation for Excellence in Research in Translational Medicine at the ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment in honour of their long term Board member Mr Tony Ayers AC. Pictured: Professor Kiaran Kirk, Dr Anneke Blackburn & Professor Paul Smith

Professor Kiaran Kirk, Dr Anneke Blackburn & Professor Paul Smith






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 +61 2 612 53457


Cancer Metabolism and Dichloroacetate

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Breast Cancer Genetics

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Glutathione Transferases

  • Theodoratos, A, Blackburn, AC, Coggan, M, Cappello, J, Larter, CZ, Matthaei, KI, Board, PG., 2012, The impact of glutathione transferase kappa deficiency on adiponectin multimerisation in vivoInt J Obes (Lond) 36(10):1366-9.
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